What is Hyas

Hyas is a niche and growing consultancy focussed upon helping deliver great places through the planning system.

With a core staff of trusted and experienced professionals, a strong reputation and track record, and a unique ‘collaborative’ project focused approach, Hyas provides something different to mainstream planning consultancies.

Hyas has been founded by a small number of original members of the Advisory Team for Large Applications (ATLAS). The approach takes forward the positive, visionary and inclusive approach that has underpinned it’s success. The ethos is the same – to work with local stakeholders in an independent manner to help bring forward great places through positive working. The name ‘Hyas’ captures the essence of this evolution, as, in Greek mythology, Hyas was the son of the Titan Atlas.

The team fully understand that every project will have different needs and challenges. A bespoke service is provided addressing the specific issues, needs & challenges. We will take into account a project’s broader context, the key stakeholders involved and wider influences.

The team are specialists in advising on large scale, complex development projects – particularly residential led initiatives. All team members bring considerable knowledge and experience having worked across a wide range of the largest and most complex residential led projects that have come forward in the UK over recent years. This includes urban extensions, new settlements, Garden Cities/Villages, inner-urban regeneration projects and estate renewal.

Working with Hyas

Providing a bespoke service, understanding issues & challenges, finding solutions, and enabling the delivery of great places.
By understanding the issues and perspectives of multiple stakeholders and our ability to evolve and implement effective solutions,
We provide a wide range of services in response to needs, from evolving strategies, leading masterplanning teams through to dealing with the detail at pre-application, determination and pre-commencement stages.
With a clear focus on delivery, drawing together knowledge on planning with an understanding of how to realise development on the ground including addressing planning considerations alongside approaches to land, funding and governance.
We operate in an open and transparent manner, and have built a strong reputation as being independent, knowledgeable and experienced practitioners.
The team have worked on many of the largest schemes across the country and have built up an enviable reputation for providing robust and clear advice and guidance.
We bring considerable knowledge and understanding of the issues, challenges and approaches of Local Authorities, blended together with full awareness of the needs and drivers of the private sector to help find and broker solutions to challenges.
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