Hyas have been appointed by Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) and partners to provide support and advice on ambitious plans to bring forward visionary and sustainable growth at Aylesbury Garden Town following the recent award of Garden Town status by the Government.

Hyas support will be focussed initially on enabling and co-ordinating the project set-up and identifying key milestones and priority work streams in order to deliver a plan of action and a related masterplan for the next 20 years and beyond. Aylesbury is already set to grow by over 15,000 homes by 2033 in the emerging local plan (Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan). Garden Town status will provide the support to better plan and develop this housing, employment, transport, infrastructure and open space to ensure new and existing development within the town works well together. The proposed master plan will provide more detail and support the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan and delivery framework for the town to make sure the Garden Town benefits are realised.

Further information on the progress of the Garden Town project can be found at: https://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/aylesbury-garden-town