SW MaidenheadHyas Associates were commissioned by the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead in May 2019 to provide support on planning policy, urban design and placemaking.

The Borough recognised the importance of considering key future areas of change in a comprehensive way, and the need to embed aspirations for high quality design at an early stage and as a key part of the plan making process.

Hyas were commissioned to provide advice and prepare ‘topic papers’ as part of a wider evidence base to support proposed changes to the Borough Local Plan. Hyas prepared studies across 2 separate but closely related areas:

  • South West Maidenhead: an area to the south west of Maidenhead town centre which has been identified to accommodate a significant amount of new development, totalling some 2,600 new homes and representing around 30% of the proposed total housing allocations in the emerging Plan.
  • Maidenhead Town Centre: the key town centre in the Borough and the focus of ongoing pressure for mixed use development including residential.

The topic papers were prepared based upon a thorough review and synthesis of all wider information and influences. The approach included a series of collaborative workshop sessions with key stakeholders and the local communities involved. They include an appreciation of a wide range of social, environmental and urban design influences and set out approaches to inform future policy development.

The placemaking studies and proposed changes to the Borough Local Plan are currently being consulted upon, and can be accessed here: