Project Description

St Cuthbert’s Garden Village, Carlisle


Hyas is advising Carlisle City Council (CCC) and partners on the delivery of their newly allocated St Cuthberts Garden Village, of up to 10,000 homes to the south of Carlisle.

Hyas support includes enabling and co-ordinating the project set-up and identifying key milestones and priority work streams towards adopting a Development Plan Document for the new settlement by late 2019.

Hyas expertise is being utilised not only to set up the project, but to directly advise and support on developing an ambitious design concept for St Cuthbert’s, that can then be translated into a deliverable masterplan, underpinning the planning allocation and ultimately delivery. Hyas are working alongside Carlisle City Council Officers, to build their knowledge and capacity around masterplanning, community engagement, landowner engagement and infrastructure planning.

As well as supporting the complex planning elements inevitable on a project of this scale and ambition, Hyas are supporting the Council and their partners in determining what role the public sector should play in creating a new community.

This is an exciting and ambitious project that Hyas are advising on from its early beginnings, with the aim of helping create a sustainable platform and resource for the Council and its partners to deliver from.