The ATLAS Guide (

Advisory Team for Large APplications ATLAS GuideThe ATLAS Guide was created by the Advisory Team for Large Applications to provide advice and information for all those involved in the evolution and appraisal of proposals for large scale development through the planning process.

The information was based upon good practice and experience that ATLAS had gained from its project work on major projects. It was first published online as a web based resource in 2007 and was regularly updated online, until being archived in 2017.

Many of the working principles and ethos of positive, collaborative planning practices are still relevant, and as such an electronic version of the Guide has been retained and is available download from this page.

Hyas is a new consultancy founded by a small number of original members of the Advisory Team for Large Applications (ATLAS), who were instrumental in the preparation of the ATLAS Guide. Hyas has been established to take forward the positive, visionary and inclusive approach that underpinned the success of ATLAS. The ethos is the same – to work with local stakeholders in an independent manner to help bring forward great places through positive working. The name ‘Hyas’ captures the essence of this evolution, as, in Greek mythology, Hyas was the son of the Titan Atlas.

The team are specialists in advising on large scale, complex development projects – particularly residential led initiatives. All team members bring considerable knowledge and experience having worked across a wide range of the largest and most complex residential led projects that have come forward in the UK over recent years. This includes urban extensions, new settlements, Garden Cities/Villages, inner-urban regeneration projects and estate renewal

Click here to access a copy of the ATLAS Guide from the National Archives.